Introductory Course

Over four nights you will be guided through our course by an industry professional who’s aim is to demystify wine and create an open forum for your questions. Bound not just in the class room but also over the internet to ensure that you progress on your wine journey into the future. Numbers are limited to ensure a thorough and personalised learning experience – all in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

– Impress your friends and clients with your new wine knowledge
– Have more confidence when confronted with the wine list
– Find out what you like and why, so you can tell others when buying wines
– Learn how to understand and use the professional 20 point judging system
– Conduct sensory evaluation on wines
– Get an insight into your favourite varietals and styles

What to expect

Part 1

How to Taste and Judge Wine – skills and knowledge you can use for a  lifetime

Part 2

Quality vs Price – why are some wines more expensive than others?

Part 3

White Wines – how are they made, what makes a great white

Part 4

Red Wines – how reds are made, what to look for in quality red wines

Dates & Info

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Each class includes comprehensive notes, six international standard tasting/judging glasses, wine in a nutshell wine aroma wheel, all wines and a selection of cheeses.

Master Class

Once you have completed the first four parts of the course you will be able to attend various specialised tastings e.g. Sparkling Wine & Champagne, palate tuning and red blending as well as varietal specific and international wine masterclasses.

Part 5

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Part 6

 Climate, Buying, Storing, food and wine matching

Part 7

Fortified Wines, Port, Muscat Tokay etc

Part 8

Varietal and regional masterclasses

Information to your memory

Every experience you have with Wine Class is designed to plant information into your memory. By understanding and remembering what to look for, smell for and taste for in a wine you will enter a new realm of wine appreciation. Each part or subject will deliver theoretical information through your tutor and course booklet as well as practical learning through the sensory evaluation of six wines per night.